Channel Strategy

What is it they say about how to be a good partner? Listen more than talk, deliver on your promises and treat each other well. Sounds like a life coach talking, right? But it’s actually how Clearfield lives out our value system on a daily basis.

Whether we’re working directly with our clients or working to support through our valued distribution partners, we’ll always invest in a direct technical dialogue with broadband service providers. We’re here to LISTEN to you, to understand your fiber management needs and to answer your questions. Our written product data and our “feet on the street” (technical staff and engineers) support the Clearfield end-client every day and twice on Sunday (well, you know what we mean). We’re here for you, always.

Our Valued Distribution partners:

  • Border States
  • Power and Tel
  • TVC Communications
  • Graybar
  • Nexicom
  • KGP
  • Core