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  1. DS1 Copper Cables

    DS1 Copper Cables

    DS1 assemblies are typically constructed using 28 or 32 pair cable and 64 position connectors.

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  2. DS3 Copper Cables

    DS3 Copper Cables

    DS3 assemblies are typically constructed of 735, 734 and RG-type grades of cable using one or more packs, with or without tracers. Connector styles include: BNC, mini-BNC, SMB miniature, SMB, SMA, SMZ, Bantam, WECO, mini-WECO, LLC, right angle and straight connectors.

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  3. Telco Copper Cables

    Telco Copper Cables

    Clearfield 25/32-pair cables, terminated to 50/64-position RJ connectors, are manufactured to EIA/TIA standards. Our 25-pair Category 5 assemblies meet standards for data transmission up to 100mbps.

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  4. Cat5e and Cat6 Patch Cords

    Cat5e and Cat6 Patch Cords

    These patch cords provide physical mated connections between components in 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T and 155 Mbps ATM networks. Clearfield ® offers Category 5e and 6 copper patch cords with UTP cable and 8-conductor connectors manufactured to EIA/TIA standards.

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