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Fiber Assemblies

Combining 40+ years of experience from its founding members, Clearfield can design and manufacture FiberDeep cable assemblies for virtually any application.  Our connectivity expertise coupled with a personalized approach, gives our customers a level of service and quality they can’t find anywhere else.

A guaranteed .2dB loss -- half that of the industry standard -- is available on every singlemode patch cord deployed within the Clearview Cassette. Our FiberDeep cable assemblies improve your fiber network’s performance while reducing the cost of deployment. No matter what kind of traffic your network carries, the success of your business comes down to the quality of your cable plant.

Simply the best patch cords around, Clearfield offers cable assemblies in custom and standard lengths, ranging from simple multimode and single-mode patch cords, to some of the most complex assemblies in inside and outside plant environments, including distribution, OSP breakout-style, drop cable and drop node. Automated polishing processes ensure precise control of polish radius, apex offset and fiber undercut. Our process engineers have perfected termination techniques for all types of specialty cable designs, including ribbon fiber, high-fiber count and ruggedized. We support most industry standard connector types, including the industry’s latest hardened fiber optic connectors (HFOC).

Clearfield cable assemblies are used in the most demanding environments, from global manufacturing to emerging communications. Clearfield fiber assemblies go beyond industry standards for insertion loss and return loss performance. Our design processes pay strict attention to geometries and our end-face cleanliness is second to none. We can design and manufacture cable assemblies for almost any application, meeting your requirements for cost, performance, reliability and rapid delivery

In addition to fiber cable assemblies, Clearfield offers copper cable assemblies, ranging from category 5e and 6 patch cords, through DS1 to DS3 coax Telco assemblies, along with a variety of complex specialty copper assemblies.

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  1. Breakout Assemblies

    Breakout Assemblies

    Breakout style assemblies are easy to install and simple to terminate without the need for fan-out kits. The indoor/outdoor version of this cable is durable and OFNR rated. While it can be used indoors, it also has a -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range and the benefits of fungus, water and UV protection making it perfect for outdoor applications. The indoor/outdoor versions come standard with 2.5 mm sub units. The indoor only cable is standard with 2 mm sub units.

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  2. MPO Assemblies

    MPO Assemblies

    Clearfield ® offers singlemode and multimode MPO fiber assemblies that are manufactured to tight specifications that exceed industry standards. MPO assemblies are used in a variety of carrier networks, private networks and data center environments. Clearfield’s manufacturing process and quality control ensures a top-quality product for insertion loss and return loss.

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  3. Indoor Traceable Fiber Jumper Cables

    Indoor Traceable Fiber Jumper Cables

    The traceability of the jumper gives a value-add functionality for simple fiber patch cord jumpers. Having the ability to trace the other end of the assembly with an easy to find highly visible red LED eliminates the chance of accidentally unplugging or moving the wrong jumper. This is a must in high density environments like central offices, CATV head ends, and cellular sites, anywhere cable congestion can create a challenge when identifying and tracing patch cords.
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  4. Distribution Assemblies

    Distribution Assemblies

    Clearfield ® Distribution Assemblies are used where multi-fiber tight buffered constructions are required for density. These assemblies combine the bandwidth capacity of individual cable assemblies in one easy-to-use assembly, and can be used in OSP patch and splice applications.

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  5. Outside Plant Fiber Assemblies

    Outside Plant Fiber Assemblies

    Clearfield’s outside plant cable assemblies are designed to perform flawlessly in even the harshest environments. Our process and design directly addresses failure prone areas such as the transition (where the fiber is broken out into individual units) and at the termination. We use a patented process in the fiber transition that not only protects the fiber but also ensures that no lateral movement occurs due to temperature variations.

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  6. FTTH Drop Cable Assemblies

    FTTH Drop Cable Assemblies

    Clearfield’s proven ruggedized drop cable solutions include HFOC, ruggedized flat drop and ruggedized pigtail for splicing.

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  7. Drop Node Assemblies

    Drop Node Assemblies

    Clearfield® ensures the quality of its Drop Node Assemblies by utilizing factory terminated connectors, a fully water-blocked entry connector, loose tube, gel-filled cable (on most assemblies) and a GR-326 compliant 900 μm fiber termination process. This provides exceptional performance and stability over a full range of outdoor temperatures and environmental conditions. The end-user gains complete control over drop access and reconfiguration.

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