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The key to the Clearview Cassette is its flexibility in design and configuration. Clearfield extends this flexibility with your choice of FieldSmart frame systems. Complete compatibility in footprint and route paths between the frames allow you to pick and choose the FxHD and FxDS for application environment with future migration built in.  You can place an FxHD next to a FxDS frame and they will look the same in your lineup.  It’s when you open the doors that you realize more ports, better footprint, and better jumper routing allowing you to finish your lineup, current builds.

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  1. FieldSmart Fiber Crossover High Density Distribution System (FxHD)

    FieldSmart Fiber Crossover High Density Distribution System (FxHD)

    Designed for density both on the frame and for the footprint it requires on the floor, the FxHD maximizes your real estate investment providing for lower total cost of ownership in high density environments. Lower cost of ownership is not only realized in real estate savings but also in installation and service turn-up time,trouble shooting and restoration, MAC work in interconnect and cross connect environment, and further reduced learning curves.

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  2. FieldSmart Fiber Crossover Distribution System (FxDS)

    FieldSmart Fiber Crossover Distribution System (FxDS)

    Designed for flexibility of configuration, the FxDS is a series of building blocks in which individual components of the system are configured to the environment in which they are placed for consolidation, distribution and protection.  An industry standard 7”x19” seismic frame is factory kitted and assembled with a set of interbay vertical slack management panels, crossover troughs and removeable doors to provide for uninhibited access to routed jumpers and incoming multi-fiber cables. 

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  3. FieldSmart FxDS Standard Frames

    FieldSmart FxDS Standard Frames

    FieldSmart Standard Frames are available in 7’, 8’, or 9’ heights and in 19” or 23” widths. These seismic frames come with an unequal flange, and when used with FieldSmart FxDS Panels, provide the highest port density in the industry - up to 1728 ports in a 7 foot frame.

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