Product Information


Designed to simplify the placement of fiber, FieldShield Aerial Microduct is a durable solution protecting fiber from exposed outdoor environments. FieldShield Aerial Microduct easily integrates into pole mounted distribution terminals providing an aerial “last mile” drop to the customer premise.

FieldShield Aerial Microduct

FieldShield Aerial Microduct


FieldShield Aerial Microduct is an 8 mm diameter, self supporting (figure-8 style) microduct intended to deploy fiber the same way an aerial drop is installed with the use of either a PLP (DE 2525) or other suitable hardware. Designed to comply with North American storm and ice loading standards, the 1.5 mm copper clad steel metallic strength member makes FieldShield Aerial Microduct the perfect solution for spanning lengths up to 200 feet or lashing to an existing support strand. The FieldShield 8 mm diameter Aerial Microduct supports FieldShield Pushable Optical Fiber that is 3 mm in diameter.

Features and Benefits


  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-3155


  • High crush and tension resistance protects duct from harshest environmental conditions
  • Made with HDPE to prevent degradation from sun and elements


  • Industry standard black for high visibility in aerial applications
  • External aerial strength support easily attaches to existing support strands
  • Quick and easy to install in self supporting aerial applications
  • Smooth core with additional slip lining enables fiber to be pushed or pulled with minimal resistance
  • Standard nylon pull string simplifies deployment of fiber when pulling or using a push/pull combo


  • Tech-friendly deployment methods reduce installation expenses

Technical Specifications


2,000 feet per spool (-0 / +5%)

Outside Diameter

0.315" (8 mm)

Inside Diameter

0.223" (5.5 mm)

Wall Thickness

0.051" (1.295 mm)

Slip Layer

Minimum 0.004" (0.102 mm)


200 feet maximum


≤ 5%

Crush Resistance

900 psi

Installation Tension

340 lbf

Minimum Bend-Radius

6" radius



Operating Temperature

-40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)

Installation Temperature

-14°F to 158°F (-26°C to 70°C)



Figure 8 Strength Wire Material

Copper Clad Steel

Strength Wire Diameter

0.059” (1.5 mm)


Part number, lot number, footage markers every two feet

Spool Size

12”ID x 23 ½”OD x 14 ½”IW

Weight (2,000 feet on spool)

61 lbs