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Key to the success of a fiber deployment is the performance and precision of the optical components deployed in the inside and outside plant environment. Clearfield leads the way with optical component technologies for PON splitting, C/W division multiplexing and optical circulators. These products are custom built to your unique split ratios, light requirements and interoperability needs.

Further, Clearfield’s expertise in the termination of fiber ensures these components are connectorized to optimize their performance potential. Teamed with Clearfield’s experience in bend radius protection, the optimal packaging for these components is within the Clearview Cassette. In addition, Clearfield provides modular optical components packaging within an LGX footprint as well as other space saving chassis enclosures.

We specialize in the manufacturing, termination and packaging of optical components to custom-built configurations. Our rapid turn-around time consistently beats the lead time quoted by our competitors for standard configuration. Clearfield design experts can consult with you on your optical component needs and specify a product line to solve your application requirements.

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  1. WaveSmart VOA & Patch Cord Splitters

    WaveSmart VOA & Patch Cord Splitters

    Clearfield’s VOAs and patch cord splitters are optical components that are up-jacketed to 3mm and terminated with any industry standard connectors.

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  2. Build-Out Attenuators

    Build-Out Attenuators

    Fiber optic attenuators are designed to introduce a specific amount of signal loss into an optical circuit. These products provide attenuation at a mated pair connection and are used for signal budgeting and power equalization.

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  3. WaveSmart Ruggedized Splitters

    WaveSmart Ruggedized Splitters

    The WaveSmart Ruggedized Splitter is the standard splitter component in its line of FieldSmart FSC OSP Cabinets. The splitter addresses environmental and human handling issues that other standard splitters in the industry cannot combat. It provides improved fiber protection, management and maintenance in OSP FTTx deployments.

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  4. WaveSmart High Density (HD) Splitter

    WaveSmart High Density (HD) Splitter

    The WaveSmart High Density (HD) Splitter is designed to work with the FieldSmart Makwa and the FieldSmart 144 Port PON Pedestal Insert Kit. Consistent with a simple yet innovative design methodology, the WaveSmart High Density (HD) Splitter utilizes a 75% smaller package over earlier designed splitter packages.

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  5. WaveSmart Splitters

    WaveSmart Splitters

    Clearfield provides Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) and Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) Splitters in a variety of optical component packages for the network and application need allowing carriers the ability to provide uniform fully passive signal splitting to multiple premises.

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  6. WaveSmart Circulators

    WaveSmart Circulators

    The WaveSmart Circulator allows the user to reroute the traffic that traditionally required two fibers (one for each direction of travel) onto a single fiber with bidirectional traffic. This in turn allows the user to reduce the number of required fibers from 2 to 1 (4 to 2 for working/protect systems).

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  7. WaveSmart Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM)

    WaveSmart Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM)

    Wavelength Division Multiplexing increases fiber capacity by combining (mux) and separating (demux) multiple input channels over a single fiber output. Wavelength division multiplexers let you expand the bandwidth of optical communication networks and can be used at several locations within each network. Clearfield ® provides WDMs for singlemode fiber applications.

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  8. ½ Wide LGX Modular Optical Components

    ½ Wide LGX Modular Optical Components

    Modular optical components are splitters or WDM’s that are packaged inside this metal housing with three duplex SC adapters or three quad LC female adapters for a total of 12 ports. The LGX modules utilizes a 6” high Optical Component Chassis to house the modules in a frame and can hold up to 29, ½ wide LGX.

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