FieldShield Accessories

Clearfield offers a number of microduct accessories to help install and complete a project.

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  1. FieldShield Rotary Duct Cutter

    FieldShield Rotary Duct Cutter

    Rotary Duct Cutters are designed to make cutting all standard microducts as simple as possible without cutting the pull string inside.

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  2. FieldShield Assist Module

    FieldShield Assist Module

    The FieldShield Assist Module is a hand-held, cordless drill-powered tool used to push FieldShield Fiber into unoccupied FieldShield Microduct. The Assist Module incorporates an integrated clutch that engages when resistance reaches a threshold that could damage the cable. This helps to eliminate potential catastrophic damage due to buckling or folding of the fiber. Cable can be pushed 500 feet within OSP rated duct through four 90 degree turns or 300 feet when pushing in plenum duct for an inside plant environment. When used in conjunction with the integrated pull string that comes standard in all FieldShield ducts, push/pull methods can provide longer distances.

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  3. Duct Cutter

    Duct Cutter

    The duct cutter is used to make a clean, flat cut on any of Clearfield’s microduct products. It resembles a cigar cutter in that it has a fixed blade that is attached to a hinged mechanism to “cleave” the duct. This provides a clean cut that is suitable for insertion to a coupler.

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  4. FieldShield Microduct De-Burring Tool

    FieldShield Microduct De-Burring Tool

    Microduct De-Burring Tools are designed to make chamfering the inside of microducts simple, helping to ensure pushing and pulling are smooth operations. It is used after a cut has been made to the microduct and prior to inserting a cut microduct into a coupler. The purpose of the de-burring tool is to form a conical shape on the inside surface of the microduct that, after insertion into a coupler, allows the fiber to glide between microducts with ease.

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  5. FieldShield Airtight Coupler

    FieldShield Airtight Coupler

    Airtight couplers are designed to provide simple, 2-click plug-and-play joining of microducts, enabling longer runs and safe pushing and pulling performance.

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  6. FieldShield Airtight Transition Coupler

    FieldShield Airtight Transition Coupler

    Airtight Transition Couplers are used to join two different sizes of microduct.

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  7. FieldShield End Caps

    FieldShield End Caps

    End caps are airtight caps used to keep debris out of the end of the microduct when pulling duct through existing conduit and plowed holes, sealing the end of the conduit temporarily. The end cap is a clear cap that installs much like the couplers providing an airtight seal.

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  8. Microduct Pulling Carrots

    Microduct Pulling Carrots

    The FieldShield Microduct Pulling Carrot provides an attachment point to direct bury FieldShield Microducts to pull them through existing conduit systems. The Microduct Pulling Carrot screws into the inner bore of the duct.

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  9. Aerial Microduct Attachments

    Aerial Microduct Attachments

    FieldShield Aerial Microduct Attachments provide the quickest and easiest way to attach FieldShield Figure-8 Microducts. Simply strip away the jacket from the support strand on the microduct to accommodate the dead end or aerial splice and wrap the attachment onto the strand for a secure and permanent installation.

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  10. FieldShield Microduct Field Repair Kit

    FieldShield Microduct Field Repair Kit

    There are many situations where two microducts need to be coupled together to continue the conduit pathway. Regardless of whether the microduct was cut after initial installation or if the duct pathway simply needs to be continued, the FieldShield Microduct Repair Kit provides all the components to properly couple two microducts. For toneable duct, the kit includes components to ensure tone wire circuit integrity for ground locating.

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  11. FieldShield Pull Sock

    FieldShield Pull Sock

    The FieldShield Pull Sock provides a pulling eye to install pre-terminated SC pushable assemblies and blunt drops using the integrated pull string that comes standard in all FieldShield Microducts. The pull sock grips the outer jacket of FieldShield Optical Cables by compressing while under tension.

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  12. FieldShield Rotary Fiber Tube Cutter

    FieldShield Rotary Fiber Tube Cutter

    Rotary Fiber Tube Cutter are designed to strip away the outer jacket from FieldShield Optical Fiber without damaging the fibers inside.

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  13. FieldShield Furcation Kits

    FieldShield Furcation Kits

    Available in 1, 2, 6 and 12-fiber kits, the FieldShield Furcation Kit provides all the components to up- jacket and terminate 250 μm FieldShield Pushable Fiber using a 900 μm Splice-On Connectors.

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