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  1. CraftSmart Test Access Point (TAP)

    CraftSmart Test Access Point (TAP)

    The CraftSmart TAP Box is a two part closure that will accommodate up to four fibers for test and access purposes.

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  2. FieldShield YOURx-TAP

    FieldShield YOURx-TAP

    The FieldShield YOURx-TAP provides a secure demarcation point between the service provider network and multiple customer environments – SFU, MDU or business. YOURx-TAP gives the network service provider both the ability to store slack fiber as well as provide a test access point (TAP) for ease of deployment and network maintenance without needing to have access to the interior of the customer premise. With the ability to accept a variety of drop cables, YOURx-TAP can be wall or pole mounted, and can be integrated into any network architecture and deployment.
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