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  1. FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal

    FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal

    The FieldShield Multiport SmarTerminal provides up to 8 ports of OSP plug and play connectivity at the network access point. Placement can be above or below-grade, utilizing several mounting choices. Optimized for FieldShield Pushable Fiber, the SmarTerminal can be configured with a factory terminated FieldShield Optical Cable, from two to eight fibers, for the feeder configuration that can be pushed or pulled through FieldShield Microduct to a consolidated splice point in the serving area. Distribution ports are sealed with airtight, water tight caps until service turn-up is required. Each of the 8 ports can be configured with a standard SC or Dual LC adapter.

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  2. FieldShield YOURx-Terminal

    FieldShield YOURx-Terminal

    The FieldShield YOURx-Terminal improves the customer application and craft experience by providing an access terminal capable of 16 drops, two feeder ports for mid-span and daisy chaining scenarios, along with a fully protected and restorable pathway from the YOURx-Terminal to the YOURx-TAP using the Clearfield design methodology of a modular and flexible approach that scales across the application environment.

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  3. FieldSmart Small Count Delivery (SCD) Case

    FieldSmart Small Count Delivery (SCD) Case

    The FieldSmart SCD Case allows you to standardize drop cable deployment methodologies with a single enclosure system. The identical enclosure is shipped with associated mounting hardware to be placed.

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