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Clearfield’s FieldShield YOURx-TAP provides a secure demarcation point between the service provider network and multiple customer environments – SFU, MDU or business. YOURx-TAP gives the network service provider both the ability to store slack fiber as well as provide a test access point (TAP) for ease of deployment and network maintenance without needing to have access to the interior of the customer premise. With the ability to accept a variety of drop cables, YOURx-TAP can be integrated into any network architecture and deployment.

FieldShield YOURx-TAP

FieldShield YOURx-TAP

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Slack storage of excess fiber has always been an issue within network design and deployment. The FieldShield YOURx-TAP, with the smallest demarcation footprint in the industry, provides the ability to store up to 600 feet of slack fiber storage (300 feet per reel) using the FieldShield Deploy Reel with 900 um FieldShield StrongFiber. This eliminates the need for having a large, bulky and unsightly box on the side of an SFU, MDU or business location, to store excess or unused fiber. With its hinged removable cover design, YOURx-TAP is easily accessible for craft personnel to access the box during both initial service installation and ongoing maintenance. FieldShield Deploy Reels are easily installed into YOURx-TAP by simply snapping them onto the post bracket that is mounted inside the box. Each post bracket has a built-in feature that locks the deploy reel in place once the fiber has been pulled to the specified location. Once mounted inside the box, the StrongFiber Deploy Reels are deployed by using a pull string to pull fiber from the bottom reel back through the 10mm FieldShield Duct and connect it to the distribution/access point. Bringing fiber to the inside of the customer location is accomplished by using the top reel and pulling it to the desired location. Either 900μm StrongFiber (with a ducted pathway) or 3mm FLEXdrop fiber can be used for this internal application.

Features and Benefits


  • Fiber terminations are Telcordia and RUS compliant 
  • Supports industry standard SC singlemode connectors 
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspections 
  • Small footprint


  • Gasketed cover for protection from elements
  • Water-tight connectors for sealing of duct 
  • Pin in hex screw for reduced tampering 
  • Enclosure made of high-impact UV resistant thermal plastic material - to resist and withstand corrosive environments 
  • Designed to meet NEMA 4 criteria 


  • Accepts multiple drop options for maximum flexibility
  • Removable hinged cover allows for easy access to closure 
  • Available with up to 2 deploy reels
  • Lockable pins hold deploy reels in place once fiber is deployed
  • Available in SC/APC, SC/UPC 
  • Wall and pole mount applications available 


  • Available with pre-terminated deploy reels, which minimizes splicing and connectorization field costs 
  • Can add reels after box has been installed 
  • Available all hours of the day, without customer needing to be there to identify potential problems

Technical Specifications

 FieldShield YOURx-TAP


7.8" H x 6.25" W x 2.81" D

Box Options/Connector Availability/Capacity

  • Empty - no deploy reels
  • 1 or 2 StrongFiber Deploy Reels - SC/APC or SC/UPC with up to 300 feet of 900µm StrongFiber
  • Empty Reel available for slack storage of flat drop or FLEXdrop

Drop Options/Connector Types

  • StrongFiber Deploy Reels -SC/APC or SC/UPC
  • FieldShield Flat-SC - with hardened connector
  • FieldShield D-ROP - Cable-in-conduit
  • FieldShield FLEXdrop
  • FieldShield Pushable Fiber

Cable Entrance/Exit

  • One or two - 10mm duct ports
  • Empty plate - allows for other industry connectors to be installed

Private Labeling

  • Standard - comes with Clearfield logo
  • No Logo
  • Private labeling available (500 piece minimum)

Mounting Options

Wall or Pole Mount